27 November 2011


In an oscillating universe, the Cosmos has no beginning and no end, and we are in the midst of an infinite cycle of cosmic deaths and rebirths. If the universe truly oscillates, still stranger questions arise. Some scientists think that when expansion is followed by contraction, causality will be inverted and effects will precede causes. First the ripples spread from a point on the water's surface, then I throw the stone into the pond. First the torch bursts into flame and then I light it. We cannot pretend to understand what such causality inversion means. Will people at such a time be born in the grave and die in the womb? Will time flow backwards?

- Carl Sagan, Cosmos

I've been reading Carl Sagan while (impatiently) waiting to borrow 1Q84 from a friend. I thought this passage was lovely. Reading it immediately evoked moments from the past I'd love to live again in reverse.

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